Fruit In Your Holiday Stocking Can Help Keep Bones Strong

If this craze continues, this overlooked ‘silent robber’ will start to cripple many at-risk baby boomers, say researchers at the University of Michigan and the Alberta Bone and Joint Health Institute. While this high-fat, high-sugar diet trend and the subsequent risk of osteoporosis are climbing frighteningly fast, there’s hope, says Ron Zernicke, dean of U-M’s School of Kinesiology and a professor of orthopedic surgery and biomedical engineering. The medical community and the general public can reverse this development by confronting the nagging problem head-on and immediately, through diet, exercise and, in some cases, medication.

Demographics in the U.S. Cy Frank, a professional director of the Alberta Bone and Joint Health Institute, and an orthopedic doctor training in Calgary. Baby boomers, he says, were the first generation weaned on fast food, creating a dietary legacy of high fat and sugar. Today, in regards to a one-fourth of America’s two-to-five-year-olds and a 3rd of its school-age children, including adolescents, are overweight or obese.

Consider these sobering figures: the U.S. 2020, half of Americans over 50 will develop or be in danger for osteoporosis of the hip. That is particularly bad information for girls, who develop osteoporosis at two-to-three times the pace of men. Sugar and excess fat weaken the bones in two ways. First, diets saturated in saturated fats and glucose block calcium absorption.

Instead, calcium mineral needed for healthy bones washes through your body in our urine. Second, saturated fats have a tendency to form insoluble ‘soaps,’ which coat the intestines and can block necessary calcium from bones. Again, calcium mineral goes by through the physical body unused. Excessive junk food layers fat onto a weakened skeleton that struggles to aid the excess weight, Zernicke says. Osteoporosis, the so-called ‘silent thief’ since it shows no symptoms, robs bone fragments of tissue and leaves a large number of tiny pores in the bones. Porous bone fragments can break with little stress.

Diet and exercise are the principal prevention against osteoporosis, Frank says. A growing child near puberty rapidly lays down new bone. Healthy foods and exercise to optimize bone growth and accumulation, which lower the probability of osteoporosis fractures later in life. The child’s parents and grandparents are at night rapid bone-building stage, but supplementary phases of avoidance exist through past due and middle adulthood.

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Again, nutritious diet, medication and exercise to gradual bone reduction, if required, can decrease the probability of osteoporosis fractures. A wholesome balanced diet includes vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, and limits saturated fats, salt, and sugar. But avoidance goes beyond exercise and diet. It’s critical to control the environment that influences food choices. For example, California banned trans body fat in restaurants, and NEW YORK requires restaurants to create calories and prices in the same font size on menu boards. Eliminating junk food from places billed with promoting healthy lifestyles-schools, recreational centers, hospitals-would help.

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