Finding A Christian College With An Architectural Major

The college search process can appear to be a daunting task. With the internet so easily available, it is a superb source to use. The CCCU (Council for Christian universities and colleges) and NACCAP (UNITED STATES Coalition Christian Admissions Professionals) offer great searches for Christian colleges over the USA. On both websites, students will find articles and research relating to the university-search process and updates on top colleges. Finding a Christian university with an architectural major will be hard. It is best if you are looking for accredited architectural programs on the site of the accrediting body. The National Architecture Accrediting Board is the only real agency authorized to accredit architectural programs in America.

Graduation from an NAAB certified program is not necessarily necessary to gain enrollment for licensure in architecture; however, most condition boards will require it. Either way, it’s important to have the proper educational preparation. The accreditation process is used to assure students that the program has met the minimum the standards concerning faculty, curriculum, student services, and collection.

The educational programs offered at accredited universities and colleges will meet the standards folks registration boards. A list is acquired by The NAAB of accredited architectural programs on their website. They do not distinguish if a college is a Christian university or not. Judson University, Andrews University, and the Catholic University of America are all three Christian schools that do offer a certified architectural program.

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Each school is of a different denomination, but do keep to a Christian faith background and seek to work this into their curriculum. Judson University is a completely certified Christian liberal arts university or college located just 45 minutes from downtown Chicago in Elgin, Illinois. With a student body of 1250 and students to faculty ration of 12:1, you will be certain to find great attention from strong faculty and staff.

Judson’s architectural program symbolizes the church at work in advanced schooling. This program is a 4-2-hybrid program accredited by the National Architecture Accrediting Board. Their program consists of a 136-credit hour Bachelor of Arts in Architecture (B.A.A.S.) and a 42-credit hour Master Degree in Architecture. The program carries a year-long preceptorship as the first 12 months of the master’s program. Students can pick a concentration in another of two areas: Sustainable Design or Traditional Architecture and Urbanism. The educational college is housed in a state of the art LEED Silver Authorized building, the Harm A. Weber Academic Center.

Judson’s Architectural program’s mission is to, “Provide students with a Christ centered comprehensive, professional architecture education.” Within this program students will explore and specify the lines between Christianity, architecture service, and education. Andrews University, situated in Berrien Springs, Day Adventist Chapel Michigan can be an organization of higher learning associated with the Seventh.