Business Casual…she’s Taking It TOWARDS THE Extreme And It’s NOT A Friday?

I recently had taken a fresh position as a supervisor in admin dept. Everything is great except for one thing. The real way a woman dresses. Our office is business informal but I think she’s too casual. We’re the first people our clients and the general public to see and I’m not requesting much except a more professional image. Given, I don’t know her finances and perhaps she just wears what she’s but I still expect a far more professional image at work.

I was thinking about sending a memo to everyone in my dept reminding them about clothes code and if she proceeds, I shall talk to her about it. I wish to list some examples of clothes that work. How do you suggest I start wording of the memo?

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Reply: With the lady you’re discussing, it seems like “no sleeveless t-shirts” or “shoulders covered” would be a good start. Besides that, reiterate clothes code in your memo just, and put in a line saying that if anyone has any questions they’re welcome to come and have you. That provides the sloppy-dresser young lady a chance to come to you and explain things without your having to enter her face right away.

Reply:Are you her supervisor? Or will there be another employer that she answers to? She dresses that way because she has been permitted to. If you don’t enjoy it and you have the authority, you should talk to her about any of it. She probably has more professional clothes but just has become away with putting on what she will for such a long time that she believes it’s now appropriate. If she’s the only person doing it, I don’t really visit a reason to send a memo to everyone.

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