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Just casual Googling discloses the love for the Chandley class that still is available, and once and for all reason: the Chandley is a badass. The class was developed after the Four War Year with the Klingons when it was exposed that the necessity for a combat starships to carry Starfleet Marines for boarding procedures was not satisfied. Starfleet requested designs in 2256 and the best was from the Chandley Naval Engineering Firm, named for an Cold War period American Naval commander.

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This is the only starship in Federation service that is known as for the business that designed her. The Chandley can carry 250 Marines for boarding functions in separated sections of the ship (the wings) that permit the Marines excellent facilities to teach and relax. When the right time comes to use it, the Chandley class can teleport over all 250 equipped Marines in under four minutes, as the dispatch itself is equipped to cope with any incoming risks intensely. The Chandley class was the most effective Frigate in your community during her launch, making her a favorite among users of the STSTCS game.

Of course, as with all FASA starships, the design is unofficial and non-canon. The Frigates of one of the best space combat strategy games, EVE Online, are a light warship, inexpensive to build and cheap to replace. They may be tasked with supplementary functions, like pirate suppression, fleet security, and escort. While light in armament and shield, these are used for hit-and-run strategies because of their swiftness, but are cannon-fodder for the larger warships, if operating in packs even. After the devastating Covenant-Human War, the UNSC needed to rebuild the majority of its space navy from scratch.