What’s Gender-Lens Investing And Why Is It Important?

Essentially, this means trading with an try to earn financial address and earnings gender disparities. It’s a subset of “impact investing,” which usually refers to any kind of investing that’s made to have a positive social or environmental effect on the world (definitely not just gender). All of the benefits need to be intentional and measurable, as the Global Impact Investing Network places it.

Does gender-lens trading work? That depends on what you suggest by “does it work? ” If you’re looking for an evaluation of historical comes back, that study’s in progress. But if you’re thinking if the investment principles behind it are sound – not just for the warm-and-fuzzies, but to shoot for profits – then the answer, we believe strongly, can be yes.

It all depends upon what sort of gender-lens investment profile is built. Traditionally, gender-lens investing primarily focused on buying companies which have a higher representation of women on the boards or in senior management positions. The thinking was (and is) that if you’re just buying the broader market, you’re investing from women, by default.

Companies started by men, owned by men, and / or run by men … are of these almost. So gender-lens investing is, by definition, working toward leveling that playing field. And that’s important for more reasons than just equality. Because while nothing’s assured in investing, one thing that investors use for help is diversification.

They invest in different asset classes, different industries, and different geographies. And which should expand to leadership as well: Studies also show that companies with more diverse groups perform better. But you don’t have to stop at representation; that isn’t enough to level the playing field. You can find other gender gaps we close believe we can help. That’s because it’s not simply about leadership.

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It’s also about the fact that concentrating on women helps everyone. 28 trillion larger in 2025 if women were used at the same rate, in the same jobs, with the same pay as men. That’s partly because women, when they have financial control, will put their money into their neighborhoods and family members back. And they donate more to charity, too.

So important thing: We believe investing in women can be good for your portfolio’s diversification and potential profits, best for business, best for the economy, and good for everyone – children and adults, and people of all genders. Ellevest Impact Portfolios are a robust form of gender-lens investing. Our impact trading strategy was built from the ground up to combine robust investment principles with investments made to advance women, possibly offering both financial earnings and interpersonal profits. We likewise have strict standards for the risk / return profiles of the investments we select for our clients’ portfolios, including Ellevest Impact Portfolios.

These standards include asset course diversification, low fees, and high market liquidity. But there are just so many funds that meet our requirements for both return potential and cultural impact. Also to that “will it work back? Essentially, we believe that the way we’ve incorporated gender-lens investing into Ellevest Impact Portfolios isn’t the ideal move to make – it’s also the smart move to make. The fiduciary move to make.

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