New DNA Mapping Project To Discover THE SOURCES OF MND Launched In Ireland

More than 200,000 people worldwide are living with MND, a gradually degenerative neurological disease which affects about 300 people at any moment in Ireland, with some 110 new situations reported each year. The scientists will perform comparative analyses between MND patients and control subjects to discover associations between specific variations or mutations in genes and different forms of MND. By examining the genomes of a large number of MND patients and handles in minute details the groundbreaking research will start new opportunities to find the various genes that cause different types of MND.

Through Project MinE, people in Ireland have a chance to make a distinctive and direct contribution to this important scientific research by sponsoring the mapping of these DNA examples. 100% of most donations and funds raised for Project MinE should go directly for the mapping and analysis of DNA profiles.

The samples that are collected will be profiled using whole genome sequencing techniques, using DNA extracted from blood examples. In 2001, the first full genome was sequenced at a price of 2 about.7 billion euros (in today’s money), involving a large number of scientists and taking ten years. Huge improvements in the technologies used allows the Project MinE team to undertake this ambitious project today – an individual genome is now able to be sequenced in a single day, in a single lab, at a price of about two thousand euros. The information Professor Hardiman’s team glean from the DNA profiles will be used in their research in Ireland and everything data generated as part of the overall worldwide cooperation will be openly exchanged amongst those working on Project MinE.

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