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Your Book a Money Book? Write It, Publish It, Grow It Your Book a Money Book? Currently, I am writing my sixth book, my third novel and I am forty-one thousand words into it. While writing it, I am seeking to compromise on the title. The first name was Umbrella.

Then I thought I might call it The Umbrella Clause, now I am thinking about being right in the middle of the two with the name The Umbrella or Umbrella Clause. I know you are saying is that you have to get worried about really? No, I must complete a fresh blog also, of which I had developed a basic idea for about not long ago. Your Book A Money Book. However, I did not want to mislead you into convinced that it might be easy that you can write a book and generate income from it let alone it learning to be a bestseller.

I am not advocating playing the lottery especially taking into consideration the addiction that comes with the euphoria of a chance to become an instant millionaire. But “you can not win if you don’t play” is what I’ve always been told. My answer now is No MANY THANKS. Now, if we translate the above declaration, “you can win if you do not play” into living a much better life via your dreams, or doing what you like. Is a substantial debate? Let’s consider some examples.

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I have chosen my top five authors for this argument. Now, if your wish is never to become an author or write a written publication, the information will apply. All you have to do is pick the top five successful people in your selected arena of play. Sports, entertainment, political ambitions, philanthropy, business, no matter.

The one thing that I am certain of is regardless of what the arena the top five successful people that you selected have either written a publication or someone has written a publication about them. In either scenario, they are getting paid. Their written book is a money reserve. Not merely was the book a money book but the book became a bestseller at some point, and remains a bestseller. If you were to layout your list.

What would it not look like? None of the above authors could have become wealthy, famous, or make someone’s set of top five writers if they were not playing the game. Just as none of them of the folks on your list would have done the same unless they were playing the game, the opportunity or opportunity just wouldn’t normally can be found. I am not going to bore you with the money each person made, but I assure you their books are Money Books without every one of the relevant question marks.