Korean skincare is well known for their extensive skincare?. During the night Some even reach 25 skincare products in one-skincare regimen. Mist is one of the fundamental skincare steps to add hydration especially during summer or dry season. Some people find using a mist helps product to sink better without touching their face using their hands?.

Here is a Korean brand mist review for today- Always21 Soothing & Refresh Aloe Vera 95% Soothing Mist. It comes wrapped in plastic nor have a package but I am fine with it since I don’t like to throw away those boxes. The Soothing Mist that alleviation exhausted and moisturizes your skin. Its formulated with 95% of aloe vera leaf remove.

HOW TO USE: Spray frequently to moisturize drying out skin or to protect skin. When working with on the true face, apply 10-15cm away. CAUTIONS: For exterior use only. Avoid connection with eyes. Discontinue use if symptoms of irritation or rash appear. Keep out of reach of children. Replace cap after use.

Always21 Soothing & Refresh Aloe Vera 95% Soothing Mist has an excellent mist?. It is not as fine as the feeling of spraying a cloud on my face but it is not this feeling of spraying drinking water on my face. It really is fine enough for me not to feel huge water drops on my face.

The mist spray similarly which is quite nice in my opinion. It smells of these aloe vera products, which is okay to me. The smells disappeared after the mist dry up. The feeling does last about one hour but it could because I am living in a humid place also.

The hydrated feeling at will not disappear immediately like what other mist does to me. As for the ingredients, Always21 Soothing & Refresh Aloe Vera 95% Soothing Mist doesn’t contains Butylene Glycol and parables which some individuals can be sensitive to it. The Aloe Vera is 95% and the others are alcohol, drinking water, Avena Strigosa, Allantoin, Glycerin, hydrogenated Castor preservative, and oil.

I am not sure if it does anything to help my acne but it can help soothe inflammation from the 35 Celsius weather. It is affordable and sure does long since it is 150ml for RM28 last.90. Overall, Always21 Soothing & Refresh Aloe Vera 95% Soothing Mist is fantastic if you value aloe vera, love a useful mist, and hydrates your skin layer.

I think it can suit every type of skin unless you are hypersensitive to aloe vera or one of the substances in it. Additionally, it may use as a mist to and hydrate your skin following the sunlight at the beach sooth. Products can be found at Lazada also. For more information, please visit Always21 Facebook website and Always21 Korean official website. Product is delivered for my thought. However, the opinions expressed are my very own and honest as always here.

  1. Do not use tanning beds
  2. Kama Ayurveda Natural Sun Protection SPF 21
  3. When I’m annoyed
  4. Blend in 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, accompanied by 2 teaspoons of dried green tea
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  6. If desired, use a little bit of bronzer
  7. Smooth puff

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