Can I Make My Own?

Beekeeping is so enjoyable! It not late in the season to start beekeeping in 2013 too. We are to help here. We build all the hive equipment right in east central Illinois here. We are a total turn key operation, meaning we’ll get you started in beekeeping in the proper way through our classes, equipment, and bees. When you call you shall be speaking to a well-trained beekeeper. We will not try and sell you things you do not need or things that do not work merely to make a sale. You are wanted by us to be a successful beekeeper. If our beekeepers cannot reply to your beekeeping question, they’ll switch you to me over.

I began keeping bees in 1994 and I’ve been an avowed expert beekeeper for three years. We are to help answer all of your questions here. I have written 135 beekeeping lessons from many years of my very own experience, research, and experiments. In today’s lesson, I will be teaching you the dangers of losing your bees in late winter or early spring from cold snaps leading to starvation.

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But before I dive into today’s lesson, I want to expose ourselves more and present you to the wonderful world of beekeeping. Sheri and I own Long Lane Honey Bee Farms. We named it that because we live down a long lane with beehives scattered down our quarter-mile lane. We’ve hives in a number of other areas, but this is where we raise our Illinois Pioneer Queens, winter hardy, chemical free success bees.

We are a mid-west, hard-working family to our 50’s employ quite a few grown children and some friends from our church to help get the job done. We are a home-college family and have been blessed by God with a bee business to give our family. We know you might have other choices so many thanks for giving us a chance to serve you.

Once again we are gearing up for our next beekeeping class this Saturday, March 23rd. This class has been full for several weeks. We are redesigning our store to make the movement of things go better during our classes. We are stocking the cabinets planning for the spring season. Local beekeepers appreciate that they can stop in and purchase the gear and hives they need locally. Beekeepers around the united states benefit from our web store, shipping needed beekeeping hives and equipment throughout the country.

Sheri wanted our store to have honey bee comb hexagonal cells colored on the wall structure. Jesse made a sizable stamp and I dipped it in painted and away I proceeded to go! It had been fun and proved much better than we thought. A year ago we began to add a hive to our line of beekeeping equipment Over.

Up until now we’ve built our hives of Langstroth tradition, with the occasional top-bar hive. A year ago we purchased some cedar boards and began discovering the idea of building our hives out of cedar. Cedar is a somewhat thicker board and it is smooth on one side and tough on the other.