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ALL THE Health And Fitness Features, Explained

1,000 at Amazon) on your wrist, letting you take calls, control your music, and read emails. But more than that, it’s a strong health and fitness device that facilitates your workouts, fitness goals, heart health and sleep. Apple Watch series 4, which debuted in 2018, is one of the most advanced activity trackers on the marketplace, with features that go beyond its competitors.

The next big software upgrade, WatchOS 6, is bringing even more features and you will be available later this year. This guide walks you through all the health, fitness and wellness features the Apple Watch has, and we’ll be updating it as more features are added. One more thing — the Apple Health app on your iPhone can be an important partner to the Apple Watch, so if you’re not already familiar with all of its features, you ought to be. Check out our guide to Apple Health to brush up. Apple has created a way so that you can log your menstruation cycle finally, called Cycle Tracking.

Coming soon with WatchOS 6 (and iOS 13), you can log your symptoms, see when you can expect your next period to begin and track when you ovulate if you are trying to get pregnant. We’ve long got applications that already do that, but now it’ll be indigenous to the Apple Watch. You’ll also be able to track your cycle inside your iPhone’s Health app.

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Hearing loss is a scary thing, and we’re more in danger than we think. Construction areas, concerts and hearing podcasts during our commutes can all contribute to hearing reduction, but we aren’t always aware that the sound all around us is noisy enough to cause problems. The brand new Noise app for the Apple Watch (coming soon with WatchOS 6) uses the watch’s microphone to monitor the ambient sound around you. If you are within an area where in fact the noise level gets to a spot where it might damage your hearing, the watch enables you to know which means you can move from the foundation or use ear security.

One of the primary fitness features of the Apple Watch is the experience tracking. Rather than keeping track of steps (which the Apple Watch still does!), it shows your motion in rings. You can view this tracking info on your watch and in the experience application on your iPhone. Move ring: The red outer ring tracks your active calories from fat burned every day.

It provides you an over-all sense of how much you move around, whether that’s travelling your home or going for a 10-mile bike trip. Unlike the other rings below, you can change your target active calorie consumption to raised reflect your goals or lifestyle. Exercise ring: This green ring tracks any exercise you do every day.

In this case, exercise is defined as any movement that is at or above a quick walk in strength. The target is 30 minutes of the kind of activity each day, and also you can’t reduce or increase that quantity. Stand band: The Apple Watch doesn’t want you to be sedentary, so it will remind you to stand up and move around for at least 12 hours each day. After moving around for a minute or more, the watch will record that you stood up. Those hours need not be consecutive, so if you sit at your skip and desk taking a stand, you can make up for this later.

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