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Beauty With The-beautifool ♥

No, seriously.Time flies much too fast. I’m so afraid of growing older. 6 months till I’m 19 and it experienced like only yesterday when I flipped 18. Oh, poo! Ok. Well. November favorites. Is it possible to men even keep in mind the last time I did the monthly favorite post? It’s okay. Even I couldn’t keep in mind! I believe it was back in April or May. I’m in love with.

The size of the brush just fits the size of my cheeks PERFECTLY and the brush is so so so extremely very gentle as the other brushes I own are of lower-end brands. I really like using this brush to apply blushers, color my forehead and highlighting my cheekbones! In the past I didn’t have any at all, can ya believe?

But now, I swear you can view the dark circles right around the hollow of my eye! Thank God for the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Double Face Perfector! I’ve used this since I began with make-up and honestly I love these things! It’s among the best concealer for under-eye circles, as it mixes really well, provides great coverage, and doesn’t look cakey when you eating too much. I must say that it is not the best for blemish concealing though.

Sportgirls Get Cheeky Cheek & Eye Shimmer in Rose is a pleasant trio of three shimmery tones which I am applying this as a blusher only. No basic idea why, but I’ve been diggin’ dewy/glowy blushers. Must be because it appears a lot more natural and provides a really nice sheen to my cheeks!

The trio comes with a bronze color, lighter increased and a medium increased shade. I’ve been employing this Face Of Australia Mineral Therapy Illuminating Pearls which I’ve also received from the ABBW. I’ve been employing this to emphasize my cheeks since it gives off an extremely nice and refined sheen to the cheeks, which isn’t too obvious.

Lastly, this ORLY Nail Polish in Sweet Peastick which I’ve fell in love with! Seriously, this has surely got to be one of the very most beautiful shimmery blue nail color in the world. I honestly don’t prefer blue nail polishes on me, but this color is way to pretty for me to not utilize it too!

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Hopefully I’ll keep track of this and continue with December favorites next month! November Favorites What exactly is you? Disclaimer: Royal Brushes, Face Of Australia Illuminating Pearls, ORLY Nail Polish was provided as goodies from ABBW (not obliged to review or mention in posts). Sportsgirl Cheek & Eye Shimmer were a present from a friend.

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