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Did You Have A Gastric Balloon Weight Loss Procedure?

Did you have a gastric balloon weight reduction procedure? THE MEALS and Drug Administration (FDA) released a protection alert concerning gastric balloon systems after there were five “unanticipated deaths” from 2016 for this that happened in patients who acquired liquid-filled intragastric balloon systems inserted. Gastric balloon techniques are believed “minimally intrusive” FDA approved methods that are used for dealing with obesity because the device is placed through the mouth area and requires no surgical incision. But of course, it’s still invasive. Within per month of the task but evidently all the reported fatalities occurred, a great many other people experienced serious complications from the unit.

Four of the reported fatalities were of patients who got the Orbera weight loss balloon implanted and the fifth loss of life was a patient who got the ReShape gastric balloon. All of the deaths occurred within a month of when the gastric balloons were implanted. Three of the deaths took place within someone to three days of implantation. The FDA says that it generally does not yet know if the deaths were triggered by the devices themselves or were caused by the insertion procedure when the intragastric balloons were implanted.

There were two additional deaths reported through the same time period that the federal government agency says can also be linked to gastric balloon complications. One loss of life was the effect of a gastric perforation in an individual that acquired the Orbera Intragastric Balloon System, and the other loss of life was caused by esophageal perforation in a patient who acquired the ReShape Integrated Dual Balloon System implanted. Intragastric balloons are one of the numerous gastric procedures that exist to treat obesity.

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In some instances, patients with type-2 diabetes could actually invert their disease after a gastric treatment, but only after the methods immediately. Studies of patients many years after surgery found most diabetics were no more diabetes free. Many gastric methods, like a gastric bypass, are considered invasive surgical treatments and are not done as often as before because of the high complication and loss of life rate in follow-up studies. Intragastric balloons are implanted with no need for a medical incision therefore were sold as a “non-medical procedure”.

They were implanted with a scope down the esophagus through the mouth area. In the stomach Once, they are filled with liquid and are still left in the abdomen for 6 months. The Orbera gastric balloon system uses one balloon. The ReShape system uses two. Through this procedure, patients lose a third of their weight in 6 months typically. 1. Spontaneous over-inflation: The federal agency said that several dozen patients have experienced from over-inflation problems, leading these to need to have these devices to be removed prematurely. Symptoms of over-inflation include: abdominal pain, swelling/distention of the stomach, breathing difficulty, and vomiting.

In some situations, over-inflation has happened nine days after the procedure. This complication happened in patients with the Orbera weight reduction balloon system mostly, but it offers occurred in patients with the ReShape system also. At that time this alert was posted, the FDA said that over-inflation had not been listed on the current warning label for the devices which ER personnel and other healthcare professionals might not be familiar with the problem. 2. Acute Pancreatitis: Both Orbera and ReShape weight loss balloons have been linked to acute pancreatitis. If you or a loved one has experienced from complications following a gastric balloon treatment, you might be eligible for settlement.

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