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HHSE Investor Relations

Good evening HHSE Shareholders and Blog Followers. 300,000 Debt Conversion transaction. According of the mutual investments each folks has in HHSE, Personally i think it’s appropriate to handle this matter immediately and as clearly as you possibly can. When Hannover House “merged” into (was obtained by) Target Development Group, Inc. in December, 2009 (effective Jan. 1, 2010), the business had minimal bills no energetic lawsuits from lenders, companies or any other source.

1.5-mm from an investment banking source appeared as if a good way to upgrading as an independent distributor. 1.75-million (to be paid out over a manageable release life schedule). 500,000 was remitted, but thereafter shortly, the investment bank funds ended. By summer season of 2010, Hannover House was deeply committed to a national theatrical release of “Twelve” and the associated costs to influence such an opening. 400,000 in publicity, internet and marketing. The film bombed at the theatres, but had a successful home video release through 20th Century Fox, and subsequent revenues from sell-thru video, Television and Video-On-Demand. 1.75-mm fee retired this season). 2-mm (approx) in liberating cost money.

Funds for Debt Management and “Twelve” matters. Frankly, we have not been consistently successful in managing all three needs with the resources at hand properly. As sales revenues are collected, decisions are created every week and daily concerning how to allocate among these three regions of need. If we don’t pay the Ongoing Operations (staff, rent, utilities), the business could not operate then.

If we don’t purchase New Release Activities, then the Company will not have sales revenues from which to keep operating. If we don’t deal with your debt Management and “Twelve” matters, the business will have lawsuits then, judgments and major distractions. Finding the balance of how to best manage the business on the resources accessible has been the primary area of turmoil with shareholders.

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0 dollars that Fred and I’ve each taken home for days gone by six months. So there doesn’t seem to be a great deal of austerity opportunity in the over head arena. Which leaves us with the Bills and the impatient creditors progressively. At the Shareholder’s Meeting, it was mentioned and discussed that during 2013, the Company WOULD be pursuing additional Debts Conversion activities to be able to ease the presssing issues of creditors and lawsuits.

None of the shareholders present indicated any surprise or objection to this announcement. 350,000 term be aware (which was slated to close clear back October, but to this date have not funded), and the Company has pursued a variety of other private funding opportunities and other kinds of financing. Several key shareholders were asked directly if they were interested in providing secured loans to the Company, rather than having the Company execute a Debt Conversion. 300,000 worth of debts over the next four months.