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HOW EXACTLY TO Fix A Windows Blue Screen During Install Processes For New Hardware Or Software

Few things are more annoying to Windows users than the dreaded BSOD, or blue display of death. It causes your personal computer to all of a sudden stop working and shows a serious problem. Unfortunately, the blue screens often display non-specific errors that don’t help diagnose what caused the problem. If you’re in the middle of installing new hardware or software in Windows 7 and get a blue screen, this means your computer has a serious problem with whatever you are installing. In this article, we’ll run-down some things you can test that may work around the problem of obtaining a Windows blue screen during install procedures for new hardware or software.

One thing I’ve discovered about Windows 7 since updating my own computer is that it’s very picky about hardware drivers. You’ll think a more recent version of Windows would become more flexible about driver installs, but my own PC offered me all kinds of trouble with my USB wireless cards as well as my computer printer. If a Windows is got by you 7 blue screen when setting up new hardware, it could imply a number of things.

Make sure the hardware you are trying to install works with with Windows 7, because some legacy hardware shall not work with the newer variations of Home windows. You might also consider that the hardware you are installing is no more functional. Has it been tested with every other machines? If you’re installing a USB device, try plugging it into a different USB interface and see if it still blue displays. If the little tab within a USB port is damaged, it can in fact cause the PC to short out when something is put into the slot.

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Be especially careful when installing motorists that aren’t plug and play. When you have to manually install motorists where you select from a giant list of manufacturers or have to click on the Have Disk button and browse to a folder, make sure you are choosing the correct driver. Windows 7 will let you force install most any driver for just about any device, but it’ll also blue display if you select the wrong thing.

With whatever drivers you are installing, always check the manufacturer’s website to download the latest motorists and read any technical notes about Windows 7 installs. While you are most likely to obtain a blue display during hardware set up, it is possible to get one while installing software also. Maybe the program you want to install is not appropriate for Windows 7 or that it’s trying to gain access to hardware that’s not properly configured.

If you are having trouble installing software in Windows 7 because it gives blue displays or some type of system error, then you might try installing the program in compatibility setting. I have had to get this done with some older applications of my own after installing Windows 7 because I was getting ‘not enough disk space’ errors for a few odd reason.