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Unrecognizable Photos Of Celebs Without Makeup

At 63 years old, Kris Jenner joined her daughters in the no-makeup movement. The Keeping Up with the celebrity required to Instagram in March 2019 to talk about her “early morning” haircut selfie. A quite literal “I woke up like this” photo, if you shall. Fans appreciated the star’s bare-faced look and left their compliments on the social media platform.

Although she’s normally been one to step out wearing some seriously stellar foundation, stuffed brows, dark liner, and long lashes (via Allure), Jenner has proved to the world that she’s in the same way confident rocking her au natural tone. And rock and roll it, she most does certainly. Ash K. Holm, Jenner’s makeup artist, uncovered to The Zoe Report that the mom of six uses moisturizer and “lip masks with collagen” as part of her skincare routine. Well, keep doing whatever you’re doing, Kris!

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Don’t wait around until your makeup has broken down. Blot if you are beginning to see excess sparkle. The only diff between normal pores and skin where makeup stays nice all night and oily skin where it begins to look patchy after a couple of hours is – duh, oil. Everyone sweats. The water is not the true issue, so you ought not to try to stop perspiration.

So the only path to level the performing field is to softly lift off surplus sebum. Beware of going to the opposite extreme. On dried-out areas you need more moisture, which means that your makeup doesn’t diminish and look crepe-y and care. Unfortunately it isn’t possible to “add back again” oil the slow way greasy skins can lift it off with blotters.

If you do this you breakdown your makeup. So the only way is to include moisture/drinking water and hold it in your makeup so long as possible. Face sprays with hyaluronic acid and glycerin etc are humectants that get and snare dampness. Put your Hada Labo waters (or any hydrating toners) to good use and bring them around in a small spray bottle. You don’t need to run out and purchase something that’s in a squirt.

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Sorry, it generally does not do much when there is no humectant in it. In fact for dry epidermis, spraying water can make things worse cos the evaporation of water off your skin (that’s the chilling feeling) can draw more moisture out of your skin layer. In this manner, when it fades mid-day (dark circles displaying through beats caked and cracked) I combine a tiny dab of face cream with concealer and touch up the coverage. The less natural powder I had developed on each day, the more seamless and fresh the touch-up looks.

We’ve all been there: you capture your reflection in the mirror at work, during the day and you’re met with the dreaded ‘wedding cake face’ halfway. Now we know that expecting an Instagram-esque complexion isn’t everything realistic, but a cake, dried out, and flaky complexion is avoidable totally. Keep scrolling for tips on how to avoid it!

All great art requires a great canvas! Without prepping your skin, foundation will cling on to any useless skin cells and rough patches and all structure will be accentuated. To prep the skin properly, you’ll need to cleanse, exfoliate with a chemical exfoliant to resurface your skin and use a lightweight moisturizer that won’t hinder your foundation’s performance. Lightweight formulas are key here, such as hyaluronic acid-based serums or moisturizers with a gel-like uniformity.

This one ties in with the last, but hydration really is key as it pertains to stay away from a foundation that looks cakey, flaky and… crusty (lovely) by the time your lunch-time break comes around. This one seems all too obvious, right? Well, overloading the skin with a product can be appealing when we’re targeting an Insta-flawless appearance.