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Note: When you came right here searching for the Bright Hub Review of the TRENDnet TEW 633GR wireless router, please discover it right here. If you’re struggling with establishing a TEW 633GR with an AT&T/BellSouth Motorola 2010-10 router, you’ve come to the proper place. First of all, if in case you have a Motorola 2210 DSL modem, don’t comply with the steps within the Trendnet Quick Installation Guide.

The steps are confusing and won’t work with the 2210. Here we’ll talk about learn how to set the 2210 up to work with a wireless router and relate it to an evaluation of the economical Trendnet TEW-633GR. This article actually began out as the overview, however if you just happen to have this mixture of units, hopefully it will prevent some effort and get you going shortly.

There are two gadgets that you’ll must set up the router: your AT&T username and your network password. The username might be obtained from the modem, but in case you don’t know your network password, you’ll must name AT&T tech support. Surprisingly, they won’t understand it either, or won’t admit to realizing, however they’ll provide to reset it to a brief password and then direct you to a site where you possibly can change it to whatever you want.

By the best way, in case you pay your phone invoice on-line, it’s the same password you employ to log onto their webpage. The target is to set the modem in order that it operates in “Bridged Ethernet” mode. Bridged means that it’ll pass along what flows in from the Internet to the router, however it won’t try to act as a router itself. In truth, it’s not very clear precisely what profit the 2210 has acting as a router, since it solely has one Ethernet port.

This also signifies that the 2210 won’t automatically log you into the AT&T community. You’ll have to have the Trendnet do this. Have you previously tried to set up the Trendnet router and failed? In that case, you’ll need to reset it to factory defaults and check out again. This is finished by pressing the reset switch for not less than 15 seconds with the router powered up after which energy-cycling the router. When it restarts, you’ll be again where you started, at least as far because the router is concerned.

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Do you want to acquire your network username from the modem? URL. This can open onto the modem’s configuration menu and you’ll see your username beneath the “Home Summary” tab. Note that if you wish to attempt a run-through without straight changing the modem settings first, you possibly can try out the web-based emulator of the Motorola 2210 at AT&T’s technician training web site.

It provides all the menus and options but does not change your modem. Okay, you need to have your AT&T community username and password at this point. You’ve the Trendnet set again to manufacturing facility defaults, and you have your two Ethernet cables. Let’s reset the modem. Here’s how. First, flip off your pc.

Yes, at this point, you want to begin the modem without the computer hooked up. The reboot can be to remove some traces of knowledge that Windows is holding concerning the modem. Together, with your pc off, energy up the modem and wait for the lights to all regular. When this happens, take a ball-point pen tip or a Bobby pin and depress and hold the reset change for not less than ten seconds.