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Why I Won’t Be Backing Your Brexit Proposals

This discussion has a kernel of truth because the economic chaos of a “no deal” meltdown would undoubtedly be worse than the illogical and almost universally unpopular clutter you and your Tory mates have cobbled together. Just go through the way you lot callously loaded the burden of austerity dogma onto poor and ordinary people as you concurrently lavished tax cuts and handouts on your mega-rich mates (you know the ones who bankroll your party).

But then there are four gaping imperfections this debate that ‘we should all pull together and back your rubbish offer because “no offer” would be worse’. If you needed parliament and the nation to back your offer then you really shouldn’t have run the whole Brexit show as a shut Tory look for the last two years. How many times has your autocratic Brexit scheming been defeated in the courts and voted down in our sovereign parliament? How many times do you attempt to hide Brexit impact assessments and legal services from parliament and the general public?

Sorry Theresa. No. You don’t get to repeatedly exclude everybody else from involvement and then beg us for support because you didn’t “crush” the opposition in your ridiculous vanity election. The only reason that the threat of “no deal” is up for grabs at all is your stupidly intimidating method of the Brexit negotiations. And it absolutely beggars belief that your pals in the right-wing propaganda rags actually lavished praise you for your pathetic toddler-tantrum of a negotiating strategy. The foundation of any skilled negotiating strategy could have been to identify areas of mutual contract (of which there are surely several) to be able to develop an acceptable fallback position if the full negotiations finish up in deadlock.

Using your own incompetence to your politics advantage in this manner is so absolutely appalling there simply aren’t enough negative adjectives in the English vocabulary to accurately explain it. The next thing to notice is that using the risk of a “no offer” meltdown in order to coerce people into helping your shambles of the deal is a 100% reversal of your previous position.

Don’t you remember your endlessly repeated mantra, “No deal is better than a bad deal”? Yet you now instantly want us to believe your brand-new position that your shitty deal is better than a no offer? How thick do you consider we are? Just how much contempt towards ordinary people does it demonstrate that you expect us never to even observe that you’ve absolutely and totally reversed your position?

Did you truthfully expect nobody to note? What the hell are you playing at? The fourth nail in the coffin for the debate that people should support your woeful deal because it’s not as bad as a negative deal is obvious. If we’re evaluating the options which would be least harmful to the British people and the British overall economy, there are obviously two greatly superior options to the false dichotomy you’re delivering us with. One is to let someone else have a go at the negotiations.

Someone who is prepared to do it in an open up, responsible and democratic manner in the national interest, rather than excluding everyone else to take action solely for the advantage of their own political party as if you did. If we were to eliminate you and Britain went back to the EU for an extension of Article 50 so that people could make a deal a Brexit-in-the-British-interest rather than a Brexit-in-the-Tory-party-political-interest, it’s highly unlikely they’d say no isn’t it? The other less dangerous option is obviously to remain in the EU and then seek to reform it from within to give Britain (and other member state governments) more leeway to go after their own national passions from within the union.

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We can all see you are deliberately excluding other superior options (“back again to square one” / “Remain and reform”) to be able to present your second-worst-case situation as better than the worst type of case scenario derived from your own damned risks. And we can all see that the only barrier to both of these vastly superior options is you.

Your autocratic power grab has failed. It’s clearly time so that you can step aside and let another person makes an effort to fix this outrageous clutter that you as well as your predecessor Cameron have lumbered us with. Another Angry Voice is a “Pay As You Feel” website. You could have access to most of my work free of charge, or you can pick to make a small donation to help me keep writing. The choice is entirely yours.