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You know that neighborhood restaurant that has been around since your parents or even grandparents were kids? Everyone loves it – the meals are very good; the staff is friendly, and it offers that great nostalgic feel. Day Then one, it’s pressured to close its doors. Usually little things have chipped away at it for some time: Newer hipper restaurants have come onto the picture, old patrons away move ahead or pass, etc. Finally, their rent gets jacked up and they are forced to close.

They have a good sendoff and many people are a little sad that a period has come to get rid of. Yeah, this is nothing like that. While Whittier Law has been in business for many years, nobody should shed any tears about this “moving away from a business sale”. It might be unfair to state the college is a scam since its inception, but it certainly has been area of the greater law college swindle for the past couple of decades. You will find reports that some stakeholders at Whittier Rules are suing to attempt to keep carefully the hinged doors open up.

Might I suggest that they instead exhibit gratitude that they aren’t being arrested and billed with fraud for abusing the education-loan system for a long time via misleading marketing materials and gouging their students? For individuals who are unaware of the facts, Whittier College made the decision it acquired enough of the antics outside at its eponymously named law school.

By “antics”, I mean Whittier Law experienced turn into a financial liability. Before the scamblog and transparency actions, legislation universities were reliable cash cows for the larger universities and colleges. Let me believe that someone on the Whittier board of trustees looked beyond the dollars and cents and recognized that it was unethical for a school with such pitiful outcomes to be kept afloat. Nonetheless, the decision was about the amount of money probably. This is fine. It means that the word gets out that one shouldn’t go to law school, and if one will, one shouldn’t do this without a large scholarship.

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The mixture of declining enrollment and the necessity to offer deep discounts for individuals who do enroll apparently torched Whittier; other institutions are likely feeling the same burn also. This means, that unless the ABA jettisons all standards abruptly, the absolute garbage schools are going to begin coming near to the end of the rope.

They may be prepared to tolerate students who don’t know the difference between long-arm statutes and gnawing independently arms, but the condition bar examiners gained be so kind. For most schools, this is actually the pathway toward a known degree of financial calamity that was once only reserved for his or her graduates. Nevertheless, the choice – academic degradation – will instead send bar passage rates into the cellar (with the attendant probability of lack of accreditation).